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The impacts of butt littering affect all of us, and everyone can do something to help influence positive behaviour change...


Why does it matter?

The impacts of butt littering around Australia – especially on the environment – are not widely known or understood...


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Butt Free Australia is a valuable source of research, resources and practical knowledge gained through 'on-the-ground' experience...

National Butt Free Day 2014

It’s on again in 2014.

On Tuesday 22 October Australia is hoping for a ‘Butt Free kind of Day’.

We’re making it easy to help in ‘Stopping the Butts’ – by providing a range of downloadable supporter facts, flyers, files and a TV Commercial for you to send to others or to load on your website.

On National Butt Free Day we again highlight the environmental threat posed by up to Seven Billion Butts that are being flicked and littered every year around Australia. The easiest method to answer the question of methods to give up cigarettes is usually to say, just don't smoke anymore! Which is somewhat of a fickle response though as if it were so simple, nobody would bother to inquire about the best way to quit cigarettes would they? Exactly why cigarettes are extremely difficult to quit is caused by nicotine addiction. Many smokers and medical professionals think that smoking is actually a 'habit'. I will guarantee you and them that this is simply not the situation. Biting your fingernails can be a habit, smoking tobacco will be the manifestation of the dependence on nicotine. One of several common answers concerning the best way to quit cigarettes would be to consider nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for example the nicotine patch or nicotine gum. This i think is probably the stupidest plan of action to consider. The reason why I feel this is due to things i have said about addiction and habit. In addition, i believe it is stupid because any drug abuse cured with a lot of the same drug just seems silly.

While you are told the best way to quit cigarettes using NRT, you happen to be basically told you must overcome the habit of smoking of smoking and you must overcome the dependence on nicotine. Quit smoking then stop while using patches. What I will tell you is the fact that there is absolutely no want to use the patches to try to overcome the 'habit'. There is absolutely no habit in smoking. It is actually all caused by addiction. Really the only reason you retain smoking is mainly because you will be dependent on nicotine. It offers nothing related to you having to put a cigarette with your mouth. Children need soothers but adults usually do not! Another common response smokers receive once they ask how you can quit cigarettes is usually to consider a 'wonder' drug for example zyban or chantix.

FACT: Every Day around Australia, 20 million cigarette butts are ‘flicked’ …from hand to the ground!

Our Request: Help us spread the message…

With your help we want to encourage others to raise awareness of how easy it is to “Butt it & Bin it” instead of littering. Butt Free Day is being implemented in all States using the resources of the www.buttfree.org.au/ website.

We need individuals, businesses and organisations to register as a Supporter of Butt Free Day 2013, to then access a range of educational & promotional materials to generate community awareness of the problem.

· The website has downloadable material for supporters to display in offices or social areas

· Use the information to determine local Butt Black Spot locations where littering is a hazard

· Encourage workmates and friends to think about reducing this litter

· Nominate various staff as “Butt Free Champions” to help drive your activities – these people may well be responsible smokers who are careful not to litter

Cigarette butts are Australia’s most littered item, consistently recorded by ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ research as being around 50% of the total number of items littered nationally every year.

The negative impacts of Butt littering include waterways pollution via storm water drains, degradation of wildlife health and habitat, substantial yet largely avoidable daily costs in cleaning them up, and various other social, environment and economic impacts.

We hope you can discuss this project within your organisation or workplace to determine what local activities could support the wider community for a successful Butt Free Day, Tuesday 22 October.

Zyban and Chantix have respectively 16% and 22% success rates. (Chantix lacks the 44% Pfizer want to suggest it offers furthermore.) The trouble with both Zyban and Chantix is simply because they break the physical dependence on smoking. They stop nicotine working somehow (and anyway, the doctors don't understand how!) nonetheless they don't alter your emotional attachment to smoking. Without working with both your both mental and physical dependence on nicotine, you might be highly more likely to fall back in smoking one your prescriptions for zyban or chantix run out. Other difficulties with these prescription medication is the side effects. You have the nausea, the probability of seizure plus a whole host of others. I cover those in greater detail in other articles on my small blog.

So what exactly is the best solution concerning the best way to quit cigarettes? Well, inside my humble opinion, it can be achieved through adjusting your mental attitude towards smoking. It can be achieved through understanding your enemy. In a nutshell, understand nicotine and just how it provides changed how your whole body operates. One of many ways this is often achieved quickly and easily having an open mind along with a fresh take a look at smoking using an approach called cognitive behavioural therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy functions by taking a look at smoking in another way. The connection you may have with cigarettes is normally according to several misconceptions. It breaks your relationship with tobacco into bite-sized chunks and handles each misconception individually. Simply because you believe you will have a handle on smoking, doesn't suggest you possess! People that use cognitive behavioural therapy to give up smoking often report 'seeing the light' or getting an 'epiphany' about smoking after they complete the course. Generally, they understand they may never start smoking again when they have quit for the reason that whole smoking relationship has become blown to pieces.

Finally, there are lots of methods to stop smoking and it is vital that you locate usually the one which fits your life-style, in order ever, my most significant suggestion to your would-be quitter is, never stop seeking to quit

Louise Stewart

Campaign Manager, Butt Free Australia



Butt Free Australia

Butt Free Australia is an environmental campaign focused on reducing cigarette butt littering by changing the behaviour that causes it.

Through our Butt FREE Solutions approach, and working in partnerships across Australia, we’re tackling butt littering head on to achieve our vision of a Butt Free Australia.

KESAB environmental solutions administers Butt Free Australia operations. 

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