About us


Butt Free Australia is an environmental product stewardship organisation focused on reducing cigarette butt littering by changing the behaviour that causes it.

Through our Butt Free Solutions approach, and working in partnerships across Australia, we’re tackling butt littering head on to achieve our vision of a Butt Free Australia with behavioural change programs that educate, inform and encourage smokers to ‘Please butt it, Then bin it’®.

As smokers become more aware of the environmental and social consequences of their littering behaviour, their attitudes are changing.

Our ultimate goal will be reached when butt littering is widely seen as socially unacceptable behaviour and smokers take responsibility for the proper disposal of their cigarette butts.

Of course, we can’t achieve this alone.

That’s why Butt Free Australia seeks to work in partnership with other concerned businesses, councils and government departments, supporting them with advice on resources and infrastructure.

Changing behaviour to ensure smokers butt and then bin their cigarette butts will be a slow process and we know it will take time… but we’re up for the challenge!

For all enquiries relating to Butt Free Australia please contact KESAB environmental solutions.

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