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It’s on again in 2013. On Tuesday October 22nd Australia is hoping for a ‘Butt Free kind of Day’.

And you and your organisation can be part of it!
We’re making it easy to help in ‘Stopping the Butts’ – by providing a range of downloadable supporter facts, flyers, files and a TV Commercial for you to send to others or to load on  your website.

On National Butt Free Day we again highlight the environmental threat posed by up to 20 Million Butts that are being littered every day around Australia! Wow!... a big number.
Help us spread the message. We need individuals, businesses and organisations to register as a Supporter of Butt Free Day 2013, to then access a range of
educational & promotional materials to generate community awareness of the problem.

To register, contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone Butt Free Australia on 08 8234 7255.
Click the but image below to view the range of material you can use to help make your neck of the woods butt-free on
National Butt Free Day – Tuesday 22 October 2013.








Butt Free Australia is committed to sharing our ideas and knowledge and educating stakeholders about the issue of cigarette butt littering.

Our Latest News section provides an opportunity to keep up to date with cigarette butt litter and what is being done to address it.

Butt Free Australia welcomes feedback and encourages you to post your comments on any of the stories listed.

Our Butt Free blog is open to anyone wishing to join the conversation about butt littering, and we want to make the engagement as user friendly as possible. To safeguard everyone, however, we do need to apply some common rules and terms of use so please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What annoys Australians?



Consumer advocacy group CHOICE recently released findings of a survey investigating ‘What annoys Australians?’

Over 1000 CHOICE members were asked to rank 32 experiences on an annoyance scale from 0 (not annoying at all) to 10 (tremendously annoying). The top sixteen are shown in the image above.

‘Hidden fees and costs’ rated number one on the ‘Gripe-o-meter’, with ‘No refund/replacement for faulty products’ in second place and ‘Being on hold’, in third.

‘Cigarette butts littering public areas’ came in at number 12, above unreliable internet, noisy neighbours, long queues and traffic jams.

Other gripes commented on included slow drivers, road hogging and throwing cigarette butts out of car windows.


Have you seen the new EPA Victoria campaign for reporting litter from a car?

Blog: 8 Oct 2010


Not the best result butt...

Cigarette butts remain just under half of all items found in the litter stream according to the 2009-10 National Litter Index just released by Keep Australia Beautiful National.

Butts increased slightly in 2009/10 to 32 items per 1000m2, (up from 30 in 2008/09 and returning to their 2007/08 level of 32) while the overall number of littered items increased marginally to 66 (up from 63 items in 2008/09).

Overall the tread for cigarettes is downward though, from a starting point of 35 butts in 2006/07 and they still only comprise a very small proporton of the overall litter volume (0.004 litres per 1000m2 in 2009/10).

See Butt Free Australia's media release to see how your state/territory compared against the national average.

A copy of the 2009/10 National Litter Index is available by visiting www.kab.org.au

Blog: 23 Sept 2010


Airlie Beach working towards being Butt FREE

Shute Harbour Airlie Beach

Launched 15 August, the Airlie Beach based ‘No butts on our Beach’ campaign is raising awareness about impacts of butts and litter on the marine environment.

Driven by local not-for-profit group Eco Barge Services, the campaign is rallying the community, in particular tourism operators and Council, to clean up local beaches, promote awareness of litter impacts, install butts bins and invest in prevention and marine debris clean-up projects.

They’re also making good use of Butt Free Australia resources including the ‘Not a Good Look’ website to promote the availability of personal ashtrays handy for use throughout the gateway to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands (QLD).

Check out the 'No butts on our Beach' website or their recent media stories:


Blog: 20 Aug 2010



Freebie mania - Not a Good Look website

NAGL homepage

Launched in time for Butt FREE City, 17 May, the ‘Not a Good Look’ website has had almost 10,000 active visits where someone has sent an email, ordered a free personal ashtray or downloaded educational materials.

The website also offered a chance to leave comments for Butt Free Australia, and there have been lots of encouraging ones about the ‘Not a Good Look’ campaign and cigarette butt littering in general.

We recently followed up on a number of ‘freebie’ sites that helped us get the message out there, and found some positive feedback from people having received their ashtray and how it will help them change their littering ways!

See some ashtray feedback on the following sites:

OZ BargainThe Freebies blogTop Bargains

Or check out the website for yourself: www.notagoodlook.com.au

Blog: 21 July 2010


A Country Without Cigarette Litter


Butt littering is a problem that is not just confined to Australia, so it is always good to hear of organisations overseas addressing the issue.  One that has recently been in touch with Butt Free Australia is 'A Country Without Cigarette Litter' a registered non-proft association in Israel.

Their target is to raise public awareness; encourage the use of ashtrays; promote and expand legislation; and encourage the enforcement of existing regulations and law. They recently shared their 'fish out of cigarette butts' image which was created by their pro-bono creative agency (Idea Brandetising Solutions) for a campaign held at Mezizim Beach. For more go to www.bdalim.info

Seen any other interesting butt litter campaigns recently in your travels? Let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Blog: 21 June 2010

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